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crusher machine


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crusher machine

Flexible discharge opening setting of jaw crusher machine allows perfect match with relative equipments.

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HST Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is a new and efficient crusher machine.

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B Series Deep Rotor VSI Crusher is a new generation and high effective crusher machine introduces German technology.

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For higher productivity, better reliability and flexibility, longer service life, and better final product quality

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Problems of sand making machines

How to Prevent sand making machine from Failing in Sand Production Line

Sand making machine, also known as direct-impact sand making machine, is an advanced high efficiency sand making machine. It is based on the absorption of foreign technology and further absorbs the advantages of vertical impact breaking and improves it. At the same time, it integrates the strengths of the hammer and counterattack type crusher and comprehensively The latest generation of highly efficient composite sand making machine developed and developed is the core equipment for construction, mining, metallurgical industries and highways, railways, bridges, hydropower, mineral grinding and machine-made sand industries at home and abroad. For the sand making machine in the sand production line failure and solutions for you to make the following answers:

First. Abnormal vibration of the sand making machine in the production process

1. The material entering the sand making machine is too large and you can check the feed particle size.

2. The wear of the sand making machine impeller is uneven, check the wear condition of the impeller and the alloy hammer head. For the roller crusher, if there is abrasion, the impeller and the hammer head are repaired, and if necessary, the replacement is performed in time.

3, sand making machine impeller imbalance, need to do balance adjustment.

4. The foundation of the sand making machine is improperly handled. Check the anchor bolts and tighten them.

Second, sand making machine discharge size is too large

1, check the sanding machine alloy hammer wear, the alloy hammer repair use or replacement.

2. Check the wear of the counter-attack plate on the sand making machine and replace it if necessary.

3, check the sand feeder feed size, feed size too large will affect the size of the material.

Third, sand machine bearing heat

1, sand making machine bearings lack of oil, check and timely refueling; too much refueling will make the bearing heating, refueling must check the oil level.

2, sand machine bearing damage, check and replace the bearings.

3, sand machine bearing body cover too tight, to adjust the bolt, moderate elasticity is appropriate.

Fourth, sand making machine belt turnover

1. Explain that the sander belt is worn and the triangle belt needs to be replaced.

2. If you have problems with the assembly, you need to adjust the pulley on the same plane.

3, check the quality of the triangle belt itself.

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