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India Kaolin Roller Milling Machine Manufacturer
India Kaolin Roller Milling Machine Manufacturer India Kaolin Roller Milling Machine Manufacturer

Kaolin mineral resources of India require a lot of kaolin high-quality equipment. Kaolin is both dry- and wet-processed. The dry method is simpler and generates a lower good quality product than the wet method. Dry-processed kaolin is employed primarily within the rubber market, and to a lesser extent, for paper filling and to make fiberglass and sanitary ware. Wet-processed kaolin is employed extensively in the paper manufacturing business. Wet processing of kaolin starts with blunging to create slurry, which then is fractionated into coarse and fine fractions utilizing centrifuges, hydrocyclones, or hydroseparators. Here we will introduce you to the roller milling machine processing kaolin.

Roller Milling Machine for Kaolin Processing

Roller mills use cylindrical rollers to grind all sorts of materials instead of crushing them or grinding them amongst stones including inside a standard grain mill. Roller mills are often utilized for industrial grain milling (agriculture) and for grinding kaolin into smaller sized kaolin rocks or pulverizing them. The roller mill can be a comparatively new type of huge scale energy mill which can be created specially to solve the difficulties of low capacity and high consumption of industrial mills. It is a essential equipment for your higher production of kaolin powder within the non-metal mine sector and big scale powder creating in many other industries.

Kaolin Roller Milling Machine Outstanding Characteristics
  • High grinding efficiency, big drying ability;
  • Reducing 20-30% electricity consumption;
  • Material moisture can be 15%;
  • Material in-size is bigger; Degree of product fineness is easier to adjust;
  • Chemical composition is steady;
  • No direct touch between metals;
  • Low noise and low wear;
  • There is separator in mill, no need to match powder concentrator;
  • Small coverage area and easy maintenance;
  • Grinding rollers can be taken out of the mill.

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